Tuesday 26th January 2021
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A nation in denial

A nation in denial

Now more than ever is the time to think long term when it comes to managing your money, yet it seems as a nation we’re short-sighted.  The saving message is gradually getting through, but almost half of us are still not saving adequately and those that do save are saving more for the short term.

Women are the best savers but it seems that all of us are only thinking a few years ahead, according to new research from Scottish Widows. Traditionally in times of economic uncertainty long term savings increase, but too many of us are under prepared both for the impact of the economic down turn and for our own retirements.

As over a third of Brits are worried about the lack of provision they have made for their retirement, now is the time to seek expert advice. Log in to our live webchat to pose your savings and retirement questions to pensions expert Ian Naismith.

For more information visit: www.scottishwidows.co.uk

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