Tuesday 26th January 2021
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Are you ready for October 1st?

Are you ready for October 1st?

Do you have a personal pension? Are you one of the eight million who have contracted out of S2P (or SERPS as it used to be known) over the past twenty years? If the answers are yes then you should be marking October 1st in your diary.

This is the day the government will give you the freedom to take greater control over planning for your retirement.

Until now there have been very strict rules on where you can invest these Protected Rights monies. Billions of pounds have been invested in poorly performing managed funds. Now the government has decided to change the rules, individuals will have a much greater choice of where to invest their money including Unit Trusts, Investment Trusts and Commercial Property.

To find out why October 1st is important to you, why you should have a pensions strategy and to get some ideas of where to invest your money join our live WebTVshow.

We also caught up with TV’s independent financial expert, Alvin Hall with his take on the law change. Click here to watch Alvin offer his advice on where to invest your money

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