Tuesday 26th January 2021
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Women are financial fatties

Women are financial fatties

If you are suffering from the excesses of the festive season, you are not alone. Yet it’s not just our expanding Christmas waistlines that need a workout, but our finances too. Just one in 100 Brits is in peak financial condition, while the average person is a massive 43% overweight in financial terms. If you think you could benefit from financial conditioning, join our master class and get in shape!

The personal finance behaviour of people in the UK has been rated and their overall fitness judged according to the financial products they hold, the competitiveness of these products, and how often they shop around for better deals. The products assessed in the research from Abbey were bank accounts, mortgages, savings, insurance and credit cards. A score of zero indicates a lean financially fit machine and 100 is the financial equivalent of being obese.

Women are well on the way to becoming a gender of financial fatties, returning an average score of 46% overweight. Men were leaner, yet with an average of 41%, still overweight. Only just over half of people regularly review their mortgage to get a better deal, proving that that the majority of people are in need of a financial workout to get their finances in peak condition for 2008.

Like any exercise, a financial workout can take a bit of effort but for most people the rewards are well worth it. Join our financial fitness guru Nici Audhlam-Gardiner, to put you through your paces….

Financial guru Nici Audhlam-Gardiner joins us live online on Tuesday 29th January at 2.30pm to discuss how to improve your financial fitness
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